Chapter 5: Design of Vaccine Testing

Through media, we're often told that vaccines go through a testing process that is more stringent than that established for normal drugs. But reading the FDA testing regulations, we learn the opposite is true. (Ch4: Part 5)

We've been repeatedly told that vaccines are the safest medications. But did you know the USA Supreme Court concluded in 2011 that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

Let's look at that ruling, BRUESEWITZ vs. WYETH. It states (emphasis mine):

Unavoidably unsafe...

The CDC admits that long term health outcomes in the vaccinated population have never been studied. Recognizing that, it becomes important to ask, "What types of health outcomes are the focus of vaccine safety clinical trials?"

The next three articles in this chapter will answer that important question.

To begin, we need to first recognize a fundamental limitation within all drug and vaccine trials. Let's revisit what David Graham had to say in his 2005 interview,(emphasi...

You've learned from the FDA that vaccines are not tested against a placebo. Once vaccines are licensed you see that they are then given to the entire population. You've learned from the CDC that once an entire population is vaccinated, they never look back to see if the health of the population is improving, remaining the same, or deteriorating.

They call this science. I call it nonsense. Unfortunately, that's not the end, this story gets worse.

Researchers Don't Look for Serious Side Ef...

We're told vaccines are the most thoroughly and rigorously tested drugs on the market. But government documents say otherwise (Ch5: Part 2). Federal agencies have shown us that:

  • vaccine studies are small, testing the vaccine on a few hundred or few thousand people

  • vaccines are not tested against a placebo

  • once licensed, they are then given to the entire population

  • after vaccinating the entire population, the CDC never looks back to see if the health of the population is im...

We're told  vaccine side effects are extremely rare, 1 in a million. We're told that it's a myth that vaccines cause SIDS and autoimmune disease. Are you aware that the manufacturer acknowledges those events may be vaccine side effects? (Ch5: Part 4)

FDA drug labelling laws require manufacturers to NOT list every side effect that was reported during the trial, but ONLY those side effects where there is basis to believe the vaccine caused the event.

The manufacturers list numerous concerning s...

Below, I provide a summary of the safety data for the approved Canadian childhood
vaccines (Link Here), focusing only on the clinical trial data where infants, children and adolescents participated. I summarize BOTH the Canadian inserts and American inserts (if available).

Please note, I've listed and summarized the vaccines below in an order which follows the Canadian and American childhood vaccine schedules. Beneath each illness heading I explain the number of dose...

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In essence, society’s attention has become focused on vaccination, focused solely on this health treatment. But TREATMENT is not what creates health, treatment is what changes or manages a persons’ symptoms of poor health. Instead of focusing solely on the treatment, there needs to be a shift. We need to evaluate the treatment in the context of the whole - what is working about the treatment? What needs improving? What is failing completely? How does the treatment affect evolution of the species? And how can health be supported moving forward so that the treatment is no longer needed?
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