In essence, society’s attention has become focused on vaccination, focused solely on this health treatment. But TREATMENT is not what creates health, treatment is what changes or manages a persons’ symptoms of poor health. Instead of focusing solely on the treatment, there needs to be a shift. We need to evaluate the treatment in the context of the whole - what is working about the treatment? What needs improving? What is failing completely? How does the treatment affect evolution of the species? And how can health be supported moving forward so that the treatment is no longer needed?
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May 18, 2018

March 30, 2017

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May 18, 2018

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The Pharmaceutical Reach: Part 10 of 14 - Doctor Responsibility

Feel free to jump to the heading "Safety Net #4" below, everything stated until then is a repeat of what was written on the first post.


When it comes to products that are available for purchase, there are many safety nets that are established, to protect consumers from dangerous products, and to ensure that products are designed, manufactured, and distributed in such a way that potential harms can be more easily minimized, and/or identified more quickly once in distribution. Unfortunately, there are shortcomings in many of these consumer safety nets, or industry has found a way to bypass some of those protective measures. As a result, unsafe products continue to be made and distributed widely. What’s more unique to vaccines though, is that every single safety net that was established to protect people and ensure product safety, all those protective measures have actually all been neutralized by the pharmaceutical industry. This neutralization has happened either by direct financial funding from pharma, or indirectly through Governmental conflicts of interest that affect internal policy, bureaucracy, and legislation. But before explaining how the consumer protective safety nets have been neutralized when it comes to vaccines, I’ll first list what those protective measures were, or should be. (Bolding in the list below denotes which topic point will be discussed in this article).


The consumer safety nets for vaccine products are:

  1. Government and our political leaders who represent the people

  2. Federal agencies that oversee vaccine regulation, research, safety, and distribution: These agencies include: Health and Human Services (HHS) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The Institute of Medicine (IOM). Yes, these agencies are all based in the United States, however their policy are often adopted on a global scale.

  3. Scientific research and medical journals

  4. Our doctors and the institutions where they are educated and employed

  5. VAERS

  6. The media

  7. The legal system

Safety Net #4: Our doctors and the institutions where they are educated and employed.


In this article, we will be discussing how our doctors play a role in protecting the public, and how our doctors' intent, to do right by the public they serve, has been compromised by pharmaceutical financial influence.


A Doctor's Responsibility When Confronted with A Medical Event 

Legislation mandates that health care professionals MUST report ANY MEDICAL EVENT that occurs temporally after vaccine administration, as the medical event may be a symptom of a vaccine injury. Vaccine injury symptoms can present themselves within the hours, days, weeks, or months following administration of the vaccine. If you need proof that symptoms can take a while to appear, check out the US Government Vaccine Injury Table (Link Here), which lists clear-cut compensatable vaccine injuries, and the timing by which symptoms need to display, to receive Government compensation without question.


When it comes to an event that may be vaccine related, it is not the nurse or physician's responsibility to determine if the medical event is one of cause and effect resulting from the vaccine. It is simply the medical professionals' responsibility to report that event. There are federal databases set up specifically for reporting and tracking these events. The Health Canada database explains this, saying (emphasis mine):

Report events which have a temporal association with a vaccine and which cannot be clearly attributed to other causes. A causal relationship does not need to be proven, and submitting a report does not imply causality.


The symptoms that our medical professionals are required to report include:

  • Pronounced swelling, redness, heat or hardness at the site of the injection;

  • Body rash or hives;

  • Shock/collapse;

  • High pitched screaming or persistent crying for hours;

  • Extreme sleepiness or long periods of unresponsiveness;

  • Twitching or jerking of the body, arm, leg or head;

  • Crossing of eyes;

  • Weakness or paralysis of any part of the body;

  • Loss of ability to roll over, sit up or stand up;

  • Loss of eye contact or awareness or social withdrawal;

  • Head banging or onset of repetitive movements (flapping, rubbing, rocking, spinning);

  • High fever (over 103 F)

  • Vision or hearing loss;

  • Restlessness, hyperactivity or inability to concentrate;

  • Sleep disturbances that change wake/sleep pattern;

  • Joint pain or muscle weakness;

  • Disabling fatigue;

  • Loss of memory;

  • Onset of chronic ear or respiratory infections;

  • Violent or persistent diarrhea or chronic constipation;

  • Breathing problems (asthma);

  • Excessive bleeding (thrombocytopenia) or anemia.

Most medical professionals are completely unaware that the above list constitutes the various potential adverse reactions that are possible following vaccination. Yet all of the above symptoms are inherent within the various illnesses or conditions that have been listed on the manufacturers package inserts. Of course the purpose of the manufacturers inserts is to provide proper warning that the listed conditions and symptoms are possible. Unfortunately few doctors have read the vaccine inserts, to educate themselves on the possible adverse effects.


Even if a medical professional is aware of the above potential reactions, it has been recognized that most professionals are completely unaware that they are required to report these events to a federal database. They are unaware because this information is not taught to them during their medical education, it is not taught to them during their residency training, nor is it taught within employment training at the various medical institutions where they work. 


In the video linked Here, you will hear the testimony of a doctor who worked in an emergency room for 35 years. During the bulk of that time, he states that he was completely unaware that he was required to report the above symptoms to a federal database, if those symptoms were experienced temporally (hours / days / weeks / months) following vaccination. In the first 35 years in his career, he never reported a single reaction. He asked all of his colleagues if they had ever reported any reactions, and none of them had either.


I personally have witnessed this situation play out twice in my own life. In the first situation, I passed out at work 45 minutes after receiving a flu vaccine. My co-workers called an ambulance for me. However the nurses who administered the shots were still on site, so two of them attended to me before the ambulance arrived. When the two nurses learned that an ambulance had be called, they laughed and assured everyone I was okay and that I wouldn't be needing it. They directed my co-workers to cancel the ambulance. When I was more alert, the nurses informed me that the next time I was going to get a vaccine, I should stay with the nurses, for monitoring, in case I pass out again. The nurses didn't ask me for any detailed medical information which would have allowed them to report my adverse event through the proper channels as per Health Canada's instruction.


Again, on the Health Canada website, it states that health professionals are required to "[r]eport events which have a temporal association with a vaccine and which cannot be clearly attributed to other causes."


These nurses who attended to me did not do this.


A few years after that, I witnessed a 6 month old infant stop breathing, becoming completely unresponsive and extremely pale. After a minute of no breathing, the baby began breathing again without assistance from me or her mother, and when she regained consciousness, she remained quite limp, listless, and extremely pale for another 20 minutes. This happened three days after the child was vaccinated with DTaP and other vaccines. Of course the child was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where an ER doctor was informed that the child had been vaccinated a few days before. The ER doctor ignored the information and asked no questions related to that, meaning he was in denial the vaccine could have played any role.


In contrast, all the DTaP package inserts clearly explain that hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes (HHE) are a well-known adverse event caused by DTaP vaccines. HHE is a compensate-able vaccine injury, and the US Government admits that HHE occurs at any time during the three days following vaccination. HHE matches the event I witnessed that day. 


Later in the month, the child visited both her pediatrician and a specialist, for follow-up. Those doctors also failed to ask any vaccine related questions, meaning they too were completely ignorant to the reality that HHE is a recognized adverse event following DTaP vaccination.


In the different DTaP package inserts, the manufacturers explain that an HHE episode warrants precaution and may be contraindication for receiving future DTaP vaccines. The inserts explain that prior to administering the vaccine, the nurse must ask the parent for a medical history to determine if HHE occurred following a previous dose of DTaP. I later asked the mom about this. She explained to me that none of the nurses  who vaccinated the child with DTaP, at ages 2, 4, 6 and 18 months of age, (nor any of the doctors who saw the child following the event) asked the mom any questions related to HHE. That means this child saw three doctors and four nurses, none of whom were aware of what the vaccine insert says, and none of whom were aware of their professional obligation to inform this mom about the potential for HHE, or ask questions to learn if the child experienced HHE with a prior vaccination. Because none of these professionals were aware of what HHE is, or it's relationship to vaccination, this serious event was not reported to Health Canada's database, as was required.


And so with those two events that I personally witnessed, I have had first hand experience of the ignorance of nine health professionals - they were all completely unaware of their responsibility. My experience validated for me the statement made by Dr. David Davis.


Article Sources

  • US Government Vaccine Injury Table Here

  • Health Canada requires events occurring temporally to vaccination be reported Here 

  • NVIC - lists the events that parents must watch their children for Here

  • NVIC explains how they worked with Congress to create the laws for adverse event reporting Here

  • Dr. David Davis explaining he was unaware of his responsibility to report medical events to a federal database Here

  • Bio on Dr. David Davis Here

  • US Government definition for Hypotonic-hypotensive episode (HHE) Here

  • Link to package inserts Here - the Manufacturers descriptions that nurses must ask for a medical history to determine if HHE occurred following a previous vaccination (On that page look at any of the following: Pediacel, Infanfrix-IPV, Infanrix-IPV/HIB, Infanrix-Hexa, Boostrix, Boostrix-Polio)


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