In essence, society’s attention has become focused on vaccination, focused solely on this health treatment. But TREATMENT is not what creates health, treatment is what changes or manages a persons’ symptoms of poor health. Instead of focusing solely on the treatment, there needs to be a shift. We need to evaluate the treatment in the context of the whole - what is working about the treatment? What needs improving? What is failing completely? How does the treatment affect evolution of the species? And how can health be supported moving forward so that the treatment is no longer needed?
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May 18, 2018

March 30, 2017

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May 18, 2018

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May 18, 2018


If you are wondering why some people are hesitant about vaccines, this webpage will walk you through those reasons in an organized and step by step fashion.


The Online BOOK

This free online book is structured as a series of articles that you read in order. Currently, there are 45 articles written within two chapters, and of course there are many more chapters and articles to come. Keep in mind that the basic information and concepts presented in each individual article, will later grow in detail, in the same way that a text book begins with an initial simple concept and grows further in complexity and detail with each subsequent lesson. Therefore, to get the most value from this website, it's important that you read the articles in order, in the same way you would read a book in order.​


Important Articles

In the Table of Contents below, this * means that that article is a critical article to read and understand, or it means that article contains a link to a must watch video, or a must read interview / research / etc.



Subheadings for Navigation

When you open each article, you will see a subheading beneath the article's title. See the image to the right for an example circled in red. This subheading identifies that article's place within the chapter. In the Table of Contents provided below, I have also numbered each article. That listed number below matches the numbered subheading. I hope numbering the articles in this way will help make it obvious for you, to know where you are located within each chapter, so that you can read the articles in order, in the same way you would read a text book in order.



Each article title below is a direct link to that page.


  1. A Free Online BOOK

  2. Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-vax is Irrelevant

  3. Final Thoughts Before We Begin



       Concerning Admissions in Research and Regulation

  1.  *The Science is Settled! 

  2.  * The FDA Whistleblower - David Graham 

  3.  *Instruction from Health and Human Services (HHS)
       Drug Testing: Measuring Effectiveness

  4.  *Introduction to Effectiveness - Correlation Vs Causation

  5.  *Vaccines Work - But what does that mean?

  6.    Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine – Vaccine Messaging

  7.    Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine Cochrane Review

  8.  *Efficacy Fraud – Mumps Whistleblowers

  9.    Response to Scary Mommy – About Efficacy Fraud

      Drug Testing: Measuring Safety

  10.   Introduction to Vaccine Safety

  11. *How Safety Research is Presented

  12.   Deleted

  13. *2004 Immunization Safety Review

  14. *The CDC Whistleblower - William Thompson

  15. *Vaccine Safety Testing – Placebo Controls 

  16.     *16-1. General Information on Drug Studies & Approval
        *16-2. Gardasil - The Testing and Controversies
        *16-3. All Other Childhood Vaccines - Safety Summaries
        *16-4. Drugs and Vaccines that were Pulled from Market 

    Drug Safety - Actions and Affects that can't be Measured in Clinical Testing

  17. *Accusations of Fraud – Poul Thorsen and Andrew Wakefield

  18.   Propaganda Via the Media

  19.   The Brutal Hatred Unleashed Against Anyone Who Questions Vaccines

  20.   Forcing Doctors to Comply - Policy Before Patient

  21.   What Doctors are Taught in Medical School

  22.   The Nuremberg Code (Medical Ethics)

  23. The Pharmaceutical Reach - Neutralization of Consumer Safety Nets:

23-1.   Government Influenced by Lobbying

          23-2.   HHS

          23-3.   The FDA

          23-3.   The CDC (in the process of being re-written)

          23-4.   The IOM (in the process of being re-written)

          23-5.   Scientific Research

          23-6.   Scientific Research Corruption

          23-7.   Medical Journals

          23-8.   Our Doctors

          23-9.   Doctor Responsibility

          23-10. Medical Institutions

        *23-11. VAERS

          23-12. The Media

          23-13. The Legal System

     24.  Legal Liability of Vaccine Manufacturers

     25.  How Canada was Affected by the 1986 US Vaccine Legislation

     26.  The Decade of Vaccines

Chapter 3: COMING SOON



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