Anti-vax or

Pro-vaccine is IRRELEVANT

ALL PEOPLE are completely UNIFIED in EXPECTING to be provided with safe medicine that results from ethical high quality science. 

And, we all have a desire to possess good health and quality longevity, for ourselves, for our children and for future generations.

April 12, 2020

If you are wondering why some people are hesitant about vaccines, this website will walk you through those reasons in an organized and step by step fashion.

The Online BOOK

This free online book is structured as a series of articles (all are 2000 words or less) that you read in order. Currently, there are 60 articles within ten chapters. Keep in mind it's best to read the articles in order, as the basic information and concepts presented early on will later grow in detail with subsequent arti...

"The science is settled!" Those words are often proclaimed in a vaccine discussion. Well, I'd like to point out what the experts say about this settled and indisputable science which fills the medical journals.

Dr. Richard Horton is the Editor-in-Chief of the Lancet, which is one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world. He has stated that much of the published research filling the medical journals today is very poor in quality and even fraudulent. In an...

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I am no one. My opinion is meaningless.
I am simply
a messenger, pointing you to the teachers.
In essence, society’s attention has become focused on vaccination, focused solely on this health treatment. But TREATMENT is not what creates health, treatment is what changes or manages a persons’ symptoms of poor health. Instead of focusing solely on the treatment, there needs to be a shift. We need to evaluate the treatment in the context of the whole - what is working about the treatment? What needs improving? What is failing completely? How does the treatment affect evolution of the species? And how can health be supported moving forward so that the treatment is no longer needed?
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