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A Free Online Book

Have you wondered about vaccines but have no idea how to start researching?


Are you shocked that anyone on this planet would question the value of vaccines?


If so, you're in the right place. This website will walk you through those valid concerns. These concerns have been identified by DOCTORS - yes doctors.

Adult Students

Resources & Audio

Each article on this site ends with a listing of the source documents (95% of which are online). The sources are government documents, manufacturer documents, court documents, interviews with whistleblowers, scientists, researchers and doctors. I think it's incredibly IMPORTANT that you view those source documents.


Audio Files - I realize some people really dislike reading. Use the button below "Listen Now" to access an audio file of each article.




Stay In Touch

I LOVE hearing from my readers. My ultimate goal is that we each do our part, to improve global health and medical care. So PLEASE drop me a message and share with me what information you found helpful, interesting, lacking, etc.


I intend for this online book to be a living document, which is regularly updated as more research is conducted! Together, we can make this website a useful resource. 


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