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Mother and Baby in Autumn

Table of Contents

If you are wondering "Why on earth?!" some people are hesitant about vaccines, this website will walk you through those reasons in an organized and step by step fashion.

The Online BOOK

This free online book is structured as a series of articles (all are 2000 words or less) that you read in order. Currently, there are 60 articles within ten chapters. Keep in mind it's best to read the articles in order, as the basic information and concepts presented early on will later grow in detail with subsequent articles.

Important Articles

In the Table of Contents below, this * means that that article is critical to read because it contains a must watch video, or must read interview or research, or the content is critical to understand before moving forward.

​Each article title below is a direct link to that page.

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. A Free Online BOOK

  2. Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-vax is Irrelevant

  3. Final Thoughts Before We Begin

Chapter 2: Background - Research & Regulation

  1. *The Science is Settled!

  2. *The FDA Whistleblower - David Graham

  3. *1984: Instruction from Health and Human Services (HHS)

Chapter 3: Vaccine Effectiveness

  1. *Introduction to Effectiveness - Correlation Vs Causation

  2. *Vaccines Work! But what does that mean?

  3.  Measles - Contradictory Statistics

  4. *Waning Vaccine Immunity - Measles & Mumps

  5.  Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine – Vaccine Messaging

  6.  Meager Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine – Cochrane Review

  7. *Fraud in Vaccine Effectiveness – Mumps Whistleblowers

Chapter 4: Vaccine Safety

  1.  Vaccine Safety: Undeniable or Myth

  2. *Deception: How Safety Research is Presented

  3.  2004 Immunization Safety Review

  4. *The CDC Whistleblower - William Thompson

  5. *Vaccine Safety Testing – Placebo Controls

  6.  Correlations Showing Harm

Chapter 5: Design of Vaccine Testing

  1. How Vaccine Safety Studies are Designed

  2. *Small Groups & No Placebo

  3. *Minor, Short Term Affects

  4. *Distract by Minimizing & Deflecting

  5. The Best They Have

  6. The Manufacturer Inserts Summarized

Chapter 6: HPV - Testing Analysis

  1.  HPV Infection & Cancer

  2. *The Vaccine's Efficacy

  3. *The Vaccine's Safety

  4. *Premature Ovarian Failure

  5. *Research that Heightens Concerns

Chapter 7: After Licensing

  1.  Problems Discovered AFTER Licensing

  2. *Vaccination & Autoimmune Disease

  3. *Vaccines & Narcolepsy

  4. *A Consumer's Warning

Chapter 8: Media & Policy

  1. *Accusations of Fraud – Poul Thorsen and Andrew Wakefield

  2. *Propaganda & Censorship - Part 1​

  3.  Propaganda & Censorship - Part 2

  4. *The Nuremberg Code (Medical Ethics)

  5.  When the Vaccinated Spread Illness

  6. *The Herd Vs The Individual

  7.  The Brutal Hatred Unleashed Against Anyone Who Questions Vaccines

  8.  Forcing Doctors to Comply - Policy Before Patient

  9. *What Doctors are Taught in Medical School

Chapter 9: Public Health

  1. *Government Influenced by Lobbying

  2. *HHS - Part 1

  3. *HHS - Part 2

  4.  The FDA

  5.  The FDA vs Health Canada

  6.  The CDC - Part 1

  7.  The CDC - Part 2

  8.  The IOM (Coming Soon - in the process of being re-written)

  9.  Global Policy - The Decade of Vaccines

Chapter 10: The Foundations of Medicine

  1.  Weighing the Scientific Evidence

  2.  The Case Against Science

  3.  Scientific Research Corruption

  4.  Medical School - An Exalted, Glorified Institution

  5.  Doctors: Taught Propaganda & Marketing

  6.  Doctors: Incentivized to NOT Question

  7.  Doctor Responsibility

Chapter 11: More System Failures

  1. *VAERS: A Purposeful Failure

  2.  A Media Catastrophe

  3. *The Failure that is Vaccine Court

  4.  How Canada was Affected by the 1986 US Vaccine Legislation

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