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The Media Catastrophe

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Chapter 11: Article 2

To quote Robert F Kennedy Jr from an interview he gave, for episode three of a documentary titled Vaccines Revealed (Link Here), he said:

You've had this huge consolidation of the press in our country. There's now essentially six companies that control almost all the newspapers, all the television stations, all the radio stations, and most of the large internet content providers in America. And Almost all those companies are getting very, very large portion of their advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical and from vaccine makers.'s not just the main stream corporate media, but also the so called alternate media like Huffington Post, and Salon, and Slate, and Daily Beast, and even Mother Jones for whom this is a taboo topic. They simply will not cover it. They will not allow editorials. They won't allow letters. They won't allow any discussion. 

... Daniel Showmen wrote in the Columbian Law Review or the Journalist review, that for journalists this is radioactive. That this is a career ending controversy. So reporters won't touch it. Everybody is scared of it.

... It's a phenomenon. I've never seen anything like this in my life where you're simply not allowed to talk about it. And the only places where ... It's being talked about but it's on the social media. And it's all sub rose and shows like this one which will never air on HBO, will never air on the public media on the mainstream media. It's all and you know, that's what we have to do. We have to get the social media so active that if there's a crack, there's a break.

Journalists have been prevented from exploring the failures of vaccines in their reporting, as a result they have not taken the time to educate themselves at all. This becomes obvious when you watch the surprised expressions they make, during respectful discussion. Watch the Fox News interview between Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Tucker Carlson, (link Here) paying attention to Carlson's surprised expressions when Kennedy explains the lesser known vaccine facts. These facts shouldn't be a surprise, and if censorship wasn't occurring, these facts would be common knowledge. 

Ultimately, mainstream media coverage on the topic of vaccines has now become nothing more than propaganda and marketing for the vaccine. This has been a joint effort of government pharmaceutical companies, and media executives.The USA government has clearly admitted on two occasions that propaganda and censorship must be used, to maintain public vaccination support. For extensive details on this admission, please read Ch8: Part 2.

CONTINUE to the next article: Ch11: Part 3

Article Sources

  • Interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr in documentary Vaccines Revealed Here

  • Tucker Carlson Interviews Robert F Kennedy Jr on Fox New Here

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