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CDC Whistleblower - Dr. William Thompson

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Chapter 4: Article 4

Researchers have accused vaccine makers of scientific fraud related to a vaccine's effectiveness (Ch3: Article 7). Has similar happened with vaccine safety? 

The answer is yes, except it's not the manufacturer who is accused in this case, it's the government.

In 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist employed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) came forward, stating that in 2004 safety research was fraudulently manipulated by the CDC. He states that he and his four fellow co-authors altered the study's design, to show safety when the original data showed otherwise. Altering a study's design, to hide a safety signal, that is scientific fraud. Thompson has since become known as the CDC Whistleblower.

In Thompson’s public statement, he states that an increased rate of autism occurred in male, African American children, if they were given the vaccine on time according to the CDC vaccination schedule. A documentary called Vaxxed From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was made to explain the information, the cover-up, and the consequences of such actions. In most articles about this documentary, you hear that the increased risk of autism was seen only in the male African American population. However, in the documentary Dr. Thompson and a doctor named Dr. Hooker, discuss the data for a second affected autistic group of children. I encourage you to watch the documentary to learn the details about this scientific fraud that was alleged to have occurred between 2000 and 2004. This is information critically important and yet it is not common knowledge.

Many cities and companies across the world are advocating for censorship of this documentary, and in some places the backlash has been “successful,” resulting in the banning of this film. People need to be aware of Dr. William Thompson and his confession.

Until the USA government subpoenas Thompson (in the same way that Dr. David Graham, the FDA whistleblower, was subpoenaed) the truth about the situation cannot be adequately analyzed. It needs to be stated that Dr. Thompson wants to be subpoenaed. As a federal employee, he cannot discuss what occurs behind closed doors at work within the CDC. If he speaks candidly with the public about the allegations, he could face jail time. The ONLY way he can legally speak out about what he observed while working on this 2004 study, is if the USA government subpoenas him. He wants this to happen.

If this fraud is proven true, the cover-up has subsequently harmed over a million children over the past 16 years (and counting because Thompson still hasn’t been subpoenaed, and that just recognizes American children). And, in Thompson’s words, the fraud has pushed back vaccine safety research by at least a decade.

The Vaxxed film was released in July 2016, four years ago. In the discussion throughout the film, several CDC employees are specifically named and accused of committing scientific fraud. If the allegations made about the actions of those employees are untrue, those employees could file a defamation of character or libel lawsuit, suing the Vaxxed producers and Dr. William Thompson for damages. To date, not one of the employees has filed lawsuit. The lack of a such a lawsuit gives significant credibility to the Vaxxed documentary.

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Article Sources

  • Must Watch Documentary: Vaxxed – From Cover Up to Catastrophe Here

  • Official Statement by Dr. William Thompson Here

  • Must Read - Censorship Again, by Huffington Post Here

  • The originally published study, which Thompson says used falsified data Here

  • Dr. Hooker's re-analysis using the data Dr. Thompson provided him. Dr. Thompson says Hooker's re-analysis matched the CDC's original findings before the CDC destroyed the original data. Hooker's paper was published Here and then later retracted by the medical journal Here

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Corinne Myers
Corinne Myers
Nov 12, 2022

I read these things all the time but no one ever says if you have a child that has been harmed in this way this who you can call for help! I need help!! My now 14 was diagnosed with autism just before her 12th birthday and right after she had her MMR booster. She is dyslexic it has been tested every two years through the school system and one time outside of the school system at a learning center at no point did anyone say I should have her further tested for autism till after her MMR booster. Help!!

Jan 05, 2023
Replying to


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