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What Doctors are Taught in Medical School

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Chapter 8: Article 9

I personally think that the biggest belief that people hold about vaccines, is that vaccines absolutely have to be completely safe and necessary, because if they weren’t safe or needed then ALL DOCTORS would be warning us, LOUDLY. To confront that belief, it’s important for you listen to what doctors have to say about their vaccine education. Below I provide a few links, which provide the account of many different doctors - all of them sharing what they learned or didn't learn about vaccines in medical school.

Paul Offit - is a pro-vaccine expert (he made a vaccine that was accepted onto the childhood schedule), and he explains that upon his request at his university, medical students now receive two lectures on vaccination, whereas, before he asked to offer those lectures, medical students were not taught anything about vaccination. Hear him say that Here

Collection of Different Doctors Speaking HERE and HERE

A longer description from Dr. Suzanne Humphries about what her research and experience has taught her, and how her research compares to what she learned in medical school. HERE Watch from the 8:05– 12:30 mark

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And below is an image/link of Dr. Suzanne's book that she mentioned in her lecture.

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