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Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Chapter 1: Article 1

Little did I know when I began this journey, how seeking answers to my questions would profoundly change my life. Despite living during a time of “anti-bullying” messaging, I found it so odd that many pro-vaccine articles were littered with numerous insults about “crazy anti-vaxxers.” As I sought out finding what anti-vaxxers were concerned about, I found it equally intriguing that media articles never provided information to answer the specific questions those “stupid anti-vax” people had, questions that I thought were valid and reasonable. And then one day, I realized that because I now was also seeking answers to those questions, I was also now considered anti-vax.

Does asking a question make a person anti anything? Does questioning pharmaceutical practice, influence and corruption make a person anti-science? I personally don’t think so. Unfortunately, society doesn’t agree with me.

At each step in my journey, as I learned information that I think every person and parent would want to know, I wondered to myself, “How can this topic be approached in a respectful and calm way, so that the pro-vaccine public won’t feel threatened by people like me who are questioning the status quo?”

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve figured out the right approach to address that problem, but I’ve also come to a place where I’ve realized that I must increase my effort to speak up and provide information on this topic. This free book is the result of that calling.

Why a free book to present this information?

First of all, this information is so critically important that it needs to be shared with everyone, now! I also believe that the pursuit of profit is what got us into the mess we’re in, and so I refuse to contribute to that further. I share my research freely, because in this situation, I believe withholding this information to profit personally is just completely wrong.

Secondly, for me, there simply was no other vehicle to deliver this message. I’ve tried talking with friends and sharing articles and books, which detail the issues. But because the topic is so complex and so massive, it’s nearly impossible to share enough information in a simple and meaningful way within a short conversation, to convince anyone that there is value in looking into this topic further. When you only ever hear tiny snippets of information, in a random, fragmented and disconnected fashion (as happens for most people who scroll through social media posts and news headlines) you simply cannot become well informed. If you remain uninformed, that ignorance then contributes to continuance of the ongoing problems. The whole thing is a vicious cycle and that needs to change.

Though I am not a medical professional, nearly everything I state is based upon highly respected professional medical opinion. In my research and presentation to you, I’ve prioritized providing mostly government and manufacturer source information and documentation, as well as highly respected pro-vaccine expert opinion, because these are deemed to be the most trusted and credible vaccine sources. Furthermore, if the manufacturer admits something then that information can’t be denied. At the conclusion of each article, you'll find direct links to my source documents, most of which can be accessed for free. My effort has focused on providing you the strongest most credible sources possible, and my prioritzation “of strength,” in descending order, is as follows:

  • the government: safety review publications, web pages, pdf documents, commissioned reviews tasked to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), government produced research/statistics, interviews and quotes from high ranking government officials, official spokesmen or educators

  • court documents

  • government and industry whistleblowers

  • manufacturer documents

  • pro-vaccine doctors who have been appointed as “the expert” on vaccines by the medical establishment

  • opinion of Medical Journal Editor-In Chiefs

  • published peer reviewed scientific research

  • medical lectures, interviews and articles by doctors, scientists and accredited researchers

CONTINUE to the next article here: Ch1: Article 2

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