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Final Thoughts Before We Begin

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Chapter 1: Article 3

I chose to launch this project today, on Valentine's Day, purposefully. This is the day we celebrate the love we have for the special people in our lives. This Vaccine-Risk-Aware movement was founded on the love parents have for their children, but just as equally, it’s founded on the love we feel for our friends, family and neighbours. I love my fellow man, and it’s because of that love for you that I am choosing to share this information with you instead of remaining silent. We love you enough to speak out, knowing that in doing so we will become outcasts, a minority group, branded as "dangerous" and "stupid."

It’s often stated that the pro-choice are a group of hysterical, anti-science moms, who have been led into ridiculous protest by former playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy. I hope you don’t truly believe that that’s what this is - and I say that, not as an insult to Jenny McCarthy. I respect the efforts Jenny has made for us. She is an appreciated member of our group but she is not our leader.

Our leaders are a group of doctors and scientists who have been working tirelessly, to reach you, to teach you, to improve your health, and to protect your right to informed consent. Though you hear almost nothing about them in the media, they have been fighting for every single one of you, for way too long already, with little relief, with little support, and with little appreciation and gratitude for their efforts. They fight for you all because they care SO DEEPLY about humanity, because they swore an oath to serve you and because their conscience won’t allow them give up and stop.

Unfortunately, when media does briefly mention their names, it’s usually only to bully, attack, insult and destroy their reputations. These doctors know what lies ahead if they speak up. They witnessed the insults, the ridicule, the bullying that THE WORLD unleashed upon the doctors who came before them. So WHY? Why would they choose to join that minority group and bear that burden? Speaking out, in such an environment doesn't make ANY sense, UNLESS there was something incredibly serious happening that would make enduring that hardship worth it.

CONTINUE to the next article: Ch2: Article 1

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